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Comments Requested on Recreational Sport Shooting in the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests

The US Forest Service is requesting your comments regarding proposed Forest Plan direction for recreational sport shooting on the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests.

Currently, the 1997 Forest Plan does not provide any specific direction on how recreational sportshooting should be managed. Due to increasing residential development, housing density, public use, increased public participation in recreational sport shooting and associated health and safety issues; the Forest Service is proposing to amend the Forest Plan to include direction for managing recreational sport shooting.

This direction includes:

  1. Adding Forest Plan goals and objectives for recreational sport shooting;
  2. Identifying lands as suitable for dispersed RSS;
  3. Identifying lands as not suitable for dispersed RSS for safety reasons; and
  4. Identifying sites that are suitable as designated shooting areas.

The proposed direction is available in its entirety at:

The Forest Service is requesting your comments on this proposal by August 10, 2015.

Electronic submissions:

For further information

Joshua Milligan Forest Planner

2016 Fire Leadership Challenge

The 2016 Fire Leadership Challenge will be held in Keystone, CO and is scheduled for 17 – 21 October, 2016!

The conference will provide a high energy forum for the exchange of information and ideas between practitioners and will focus on the choices that enhance the effectiveness and well-being of the organization, and make sure that tactical moves support those choices. The 2016 Fire Leadership Challenge will again feature the highly popular 18 minute FIRETalks, along with interviews, panels and discussions on a variety of current topics highlighting extraordinary leaders at all levels of the fire service… Company officer to Chief fire officer to fire district board members.

  • What Do Today's Firefighters Really Need to Know?
  • What Can the Best Practitioners Teach Us About New Firefighting Techniques?
  • How Do Today's Firefighters Learn Best?
  • What Should a 21st Century Leader Look Like?
  • What Are Successful Personal Learning Plans to Become a Competent Leader?

Registration will soon be open and available for the 2016 Conference so check back here often!

Broken Arrow Mobilization Exercise

Larimer County joins the Broken Arrow Mobilization Exercise
L to R: Larimer County Commissioner Steve Johnson, Commissioner Chair Lew Gaiter III, Garry Briese/Executive Director Colorado State Fire Chiefs, Commissioner Tom Donnelly, Sheriff Justin Smith.

[April 28, 2015] Garry Briese, Executive Director of Colorado State Fire Chiefs, today attended the Larimer County Administrative Matters meeting to recognize Larimer County, the Sheriff's Office and the Yellow Jackets Fire Crew for being the first to 'step up' to assist with the May 2014 'Broken Arrow Mobilization Exercise' at the Budweiser Events Center, aimed at practicing mobilization of resources during an emergency.

Latest Updates

Pre-hospital Ebola & Infectious Disease Management

Please use the resources below for information regarding pre-hospital ebola & infections disease management.

FirstNet Colorado

FirstNet Colorado
Executive Summary

FirstNet, the First Responder Network Authority, will be the first high-speed wireless, broadband data and cellular voice network dedicated to public safety, which will facilitate communication for first responders’ daily and in the event of emergencies. FirstNet will provide public safety-grade quality of service, and local control of prioritization and preemption, enabling access to applications and system coverage where public safety needs it most.

FirstNet Colorado Website

2015 Legislative Update

Overview of the Colorado Fire Service

Presentation by Garry Briese

For a larger PDF version of the slides, please click here. (Caution: large file size — 7.8MB)

Annual Membership Renewal

It's that time of year! We've added a convenient online membership application and renewal form.

Membership Application/Renewal 2016

Volunteer Recruitment & Retention Workshops

In April 2013 the Colorado State Fire Chiefs (CSFC) learned that they were awarded an $880,600 federal grant to help retain and recruit volunteer emergency responders within the state. This direct federal assistance, provided through the competitive Staffing for Adequate Fire & Emergency Response (SAFER) grant program, will help local fire departments throughout the state increase staffing of frontline firefighters by providing retention and recruitment training to fire service leaders and implementing a statewide marketing campaign. This grant was awarded to help increase the number of total volunteers in local fire departments and will be successful if all Colorado fire service leaders work together to take full advantage of the opportunities included in the grant.
[More Details and Signup Information]

Chief Jack Lee Named Fire Chief of the Year

At the 2015 Fire Leadership Challenge held in Keystone, CO Paradox Fire Department Chief Jack Lee was named Colorado's Fire Chief of the Year. This prestigious award is presented annually by the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control to recognize truly outstanding fire chiefs whose extraordinary contributions serve as an example and challenge for all other chief fire executives throughout Colorado.

Current Events

CSFC Board of Directors

CSFC Board of Director's Meeting - TBD

Volunteer Retention & Recruitment Workshop
  • January 9th & 10th - Colorado Springs, CO
  • April 23rd & 24th - Grand Junction, CO
  • June 25th & 26th - Florence, CO
  • October 21st & 22nd - Keystone, CO
[More Information]

Contact Information

Questions regarding the Colorado State Fire Chiefs or Sponsored Events Should be Directed to:

Colorado State Fire Chiefs

c/o Community Resource Services (CRS)
7995 E. Prentice Avenue, Suite 103E
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Community Action

Colorado State Fire Chiefs is committed to helping all of Colorado's fire and emergency services providers support and serve their communities. Some of CSFC's past and present projects include:

  • Supporting public safety education events such as the Annual West Metro Fire Rescue Family Fire Muster to help families learn about fire and life safety, and how to prepare for all types of emergencies.
  • Offering "classified" listings on the CSFC webpage to assist Colorado's local fire and emergency services agencies to raise revenue and preserve taxpayer funds through the sale and purchase of used equipment and apparatus.
  • Supporting the Colorado Special Districts Association by providing a "fire track" for its annual conference to educate all of Colorado's special district elected officials and administrators regarding successful fire and emergency services management, and to facilitate coordination and communication between various branches of local government.


CSFC's members form a vast network of peers, providing a sounding board for chief officers to share ideas and concerns, and find solutions to challenges facing their organizations.

CSFC also is able to interact directly with its members to provide and receive important and timely information affecting their departments and communities, including e-mail notifications of important issues facing the provision of fire and emergency services; monthly updates; and member surveys. As a thank-you for their support, CSFC's members receive discounted rates at many CSFC-sponsored events, including the Fire Leadership Challenge. If you are interested in becoming a member of CSFC, please notify the executive director by email or telephone. Contact the director via email or by telephone at: 303-381-4960.

Membership Applications

CSFC Represents Fire and Emergency Services

Colorado State Fire Chiefs represents the fire and emergency services needs of Colorado's public and providers to the following organizations, committees, and initiatives, and provides the mechanism for information sharing and two-way communications:

  • State Emergency Medical and Trauma Advisory Council (SEMTAC)
  • Colorado Municipal League (CML)
  • Special Districts Association of Colorado (SDA)
  • Joint Public Safety Committee
  • Emergency Fire Fund (EFF) Committee
  • Colorado State Emergency Resource Mobilization Program (CSERMP) Working Group
  • Colorado IMT Committee and IMT Certification Committee
  • Fire Service Training and Certification Board
  • Hazardous Materials Responder Certification Board
  • Trauma Care Preservation Coalition (TCPC)
  • State All Hazards Advisory Committee (SAHAC)
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection Committee (CIPC)
  • Colorado Information Analysis Center (CIAC) Advisory Committee
  • Colorado First Responder Authentication Credential (COFRAC) Committee
  • Public Safety Communications Subcommittee (PSCS)

The CSFC also is the sponsoring organization for the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Local Assistance State Team (LAST), which provides support and assistance to local fire departments, upon request, in the event of line-of-duty deaths.

General Membership Meetings

CSFC General Membership Meetings are held quarterly in March, June, September, and December in various locations around the State. These meetings are intended to be educational and each includes a featured topic and speaker. General Membership Meetings also allow CSFC members to network with peers and to provide input into the CSFC's direction and position on public policy issues.

CSFC Sections

The CSFC has established ten sections to permit members in specialized fire service-related fields to collaborate and communicate with one another regarding their unique role in providing fire and emergency services to the public.

The CSFC sections are:

New Sections

The following sections have been recently added. Please check back for more information regarding these new sections.

The chairperson of each section sits on the CSFC Board of Directors.

The CSFC is a Colorado nonprofit corporation and a registered federal 501(c)(3) organization.

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